Sunday, March 20, 2016

Still Learning Planetary Imaging

This Wednesday seems like our only chance of good weather (in fact, Thursday turns out OK too), so I setup on my backyard and do some imaging.

It takes 30min to setup and 25min to tear it down...

The seeing is actually pretty good but my focusing skill sucks.
The result turns out not good.

Need to get an electrical focuser for sure.

Still using DSLR (Canon T3i) with BYEOS. Looks like I might need to invest an webcam or CCD ...

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

First Planetary AP Ever ! Jupiter !

Want to see what I can do from my Fremont backyard for a long time.
I got an Orion tube ring for my 10" Dob and mount it on the Mach1.
It is heavy and I have to use all 3 counterweight plus some dummy weight from Sports Authority.

I just would like to give planetary AP a try so I use my DSLR (Canon T3i) and control with BYEOS.
With the 5x LiveView video, it gives me almost 1:1 pix scale.

Not too bad from the first try !!

Did some quick and dirty process and here is the result.
A lot more to learn.

The funny part for planetary AP is you take 1hr to setup and tear down. But only get something like 2min video...