Saturday, December 5, 2015

M33 (2015/09) @ DARC

This is the first AP image that I felt happy to share. ;-)
This is also my first time do image for a whole night !

I met a few new friends from China who also live at Bay Area. They have a "secret" site where is 2 hour away. We chat on "WeChat" for a while and I decide to give that site a try.
PS: this is one of the guy's blog. Very cool.

2hr drive is not much and the site is pretty dark.
It is very close the the D.A.R.C observatory ( and kind of a semi-public place.

At 2015/Sept/19, I arrived at about 7pm and quickly setup the gears and meet the new friends in person. Although I got the CCD at time but that's too new to me, I decide to use DSRL on this one.
Total 40 subs and 480sec each.

OTA is Takahashi FSQ-85 (without reducer).
Mount is Astro-Physics Mach1
Camera is Canon T3i mod

I really like the site !!
It is dark, clean, and convenient.

We have 4 scopes that night.

Mobile AP Setup

Sometimes I feel lazy to setup the whole AP gears.
I use iOptron SkyTracker to shot very wide field image.

This is my backyard at Fremont, CA

This is the ISON comet I took at 2013/Oct.

Poor-Man Solar Scope

I only observe sun is special events like eclipse ...
Total cost ~ $50 and pretty save and portable. ;-)

Visual Observation

I enjoy visual observation...

I often did visual in my home (Fremont, CA) with my 10" Dob.
The light pollution is usually bad so I mainly focus on Carbon Stars or Double Stars.

I got my 10" Dob used from a local guy and it turns out a pretty good (and famous) one.

Sometimes at backyard where is a little bit darker... ;-)

Sometimes at front yard if I feel lazy to drag the scope...
My mom enjoy observing Jupiter !

I also take some photos with my iPhone...

If weather permit, I also go to the monthly SJAA event. Those events are hosted in various semi-dark sites 1hr away from my house. I usually take off from home at 6pm and arrive at 7. Setup and wait for it gets dark and start observing at 9pm, pack at 12.

More about my 10" Dob...

Some old scopes (sold)
6" Dob ...

Small AT72 refractor ...

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First Post - NCG6946 (2014/8)

First post ...

I took this image at the SJAA monthly (Aug/2014) event. This type of event is usually for visual guys. I am the only imager this time... This was my second time doing astro imaging at remote site. Before this, I only image in my red-zone backyard.