Monday, July 11, 2016

7/4/2016 BLM - Comet C/2015WZ and UGC 10491

Not a pretty picture but I really enjoy digging out the faint stuff from this 120sec exposure. I was trying to image this faint and small comet (5.5"), but found a weird shape of fuzzy. Turns out it is a galaxy with interesting shape.

FSQ-85 with 0.76x
120s with L filter
Only process with flat and some stretch...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

7/4/2016 BLM - Imaging Veil Ha 4hr

Consider this is my first official night out to image with my CCD. Joined 3 other friends and do an all nigh imaging. The image above is not fully processed yet, will need more NB data. 12 sub, 1200sec each with 7nm Ha filter.

BLM is kind of in the middle of nowhere ...

A couple images of our setups...

There are some bullets on the ground... kind of scary...

Still learning SGP

Jing Wee took several very amazing Milky Way images for me !!